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Yellow Triangle at the Bottom


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Yellow triangle at bottom

When I put the cursor over this triangle I get the message "no incoming connections" "Unless it turns green it could indicate a problem with your network configuration"

I use XP Home, sp2 up to date. I use the windows firewall and have opened about a half dozen ports TCP and UDP although I don't know if they are the correct ports. (6881, 6882, 6883, 64101, 64102, 64103)

I do not have a router but I do use a 4 port hub

My download speeds are very often quite acceptable 150 to as high as 750 kbs but upload rarely gets into double digits.

I would like that yellow triangle to turn green and also increase my upload speeds

Any help would be appreciated.


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Followed guide

Test showed up 9222 kbps down 611 kbps

set selections to xx/512k

affected settings became

upload limit 47 kb/s upload slots 4

connections 90 connections (global) 250

max active torrents 3 max down torrents 2

as I have nor router and disconnected my hub I unchecked "ramdomize" and set port to 6881 which is open in the xp firewall

the orange circle is now there stating that I am NOT connectible and that a port needs to be opened so that others can connect to me.

Thanks for your guidance

any further suggestions


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Yes I have enabled uTorrent specifically in the xp firewall "exceptions"

"did you make sure that your modem cannot act as a router?"

Not sure what you mean. It is a cable modem that I have been using for a couple of years. I can access the internet through my browsers (Firefox and IE) and use utorrent to download movies etc. To my knowledge there is no "setup" on the modem

Just maximized utorrent and I see that the orange circle has now gone and has been replaced by the yellow triangle. The alert is similar "no incoming connections" and "it could indicate a problem with your network configuration."

Thank you for your prompt help.

Further suggestions appreciated


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