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Cannot connect properly and internet crashes


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I never can connect properly even though I have forwarded the port. Utorrent claims I haven't though. I have Eset Smart Security v3.0.621.0 so bleeding complicated I don't have a clue if i have given utorent acess. I have a D-Link DSL-G624T which seems to crash a lot not sure whether it is my isp (talktalk) or my router is jsut crap. eventually gave up using utorrent and started using rapidshare ^insert angellic "ahh" noise^ but got board having to pull out router power cable every time I want to use it. SO why is it not working guys?

here some stuff that you may need:

Vistaamd athlon x2 64 dual core tk-53

smart security


Both port mapping turned off

dht on but am going to try without

global connections = 750 (this sounds high might try 200 then report back)

forwarded port 27001

anything else just ask

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