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Everything disappeared?


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Hello there

How come all the torrents I've been downloading for the last 2 weeks just disappeared? Oh, maybe this doesn't sound clear.... so, all the unfinished files are still in the directory (in which they were placed by utorrent) on my hdd, but there is nothing displayed on the utorrent client.... I mean, it seems for the program that nothing is being downloaded, like it was the first time I'm using it. I am absolutely sure that the files aren't finished yet (lots of gBs left) and I am absolutely sure that I haven't touched any options or configuration. I just started the program like I did every day and there's.. nothing.

Thanks for anyone who will give my case a thought and give me a helping hand.

I checked some threads on the forum and the FAQ, but I haven't found an answer for the problem I'm encountering there, so please don't flame me if it has been already answered for 10000 times...

Oh, and I have almost no knowledge about IT and computers (just being sincere), so for anyone who is keen to help me - please, keep it simple.

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First, make sure you aren't looking at an improperly-configured list-view (the list where the torrents are listed), and make sure you've selected an appropriate category in the category list. To reset the list-view... there should still be a bar at the top of the list-view. Right-click the bar and select "Reset" in the context menu, and the apparently-missing details should be visible again.

Assuming the torrent jobs list is truly empty, then the problem is caused by an improper shutdown of µTorrent, either due to a crash or a forced exit. The first thing you will need to do is reopen all of the .torrent files in the settings directory (or the .torrent file storage location). Afterwards, you should try enabling bt.graceful_shutdown. By turning this option on, you are allowing µTorrent the leisure of quitting cleanly, which generally solves the problem.

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