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New router, port forwarding isn't playing nice


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For the past several years I've had the Linksys purple monster wired router, and I had utorrent configured fine with it. Well, it died and I ventured out about three weeks ago to get a new one. This ended up being the D-Link EBR-2310. I set my port forwards just like they were, the only problem is that the router doesn't seem to ever forward them.

Since I've been on this router, the status light has always been the warning ! mark or red, it randomly switches between the two. My torrents always perform pitifully, averaging out at maybe 10kb/s or not doing anything at all. Then again, sometimes they'll work fine and I'll get over 100kb/s. My connection tops out at 190, and I rarely reached that even on my old router. On top of this, my connection slows to a crawl whenever I run torrents. About 50% of the time I load a page, it goes to firefox's "connection timed out" page after trying to load for about a minute. Often when I click try again the page loads right up. It's just generally slow and a pain to work with. Maybe this router just blows, who knows. It's behaving pretty well at the moment, I'm actually up to 40kb/s.

Under advanced settings, the router has pages for a virtual server, port forwarding, and application rules. I tried putting my utorrent port under port forwarding and application rules with no luck. I tried forwarding only TCP and saw no results there either. The router has a setting that allows you to place a computer outside the firewall, so I tried that and after about 20 seconds all internet activity died. It all came back when I reversed things. I went through and double checked that utorrent was still given full access through my PC McAfee (ugh) firewall, and that was fine. I went ahead and forwarded the port there too, as well as with windows firewall.

So basically, I'm stuck. I took screens of the port forward page as well as the application rules page. If anyone has experience with this model or can see some glaring errors/oversights in what I've done so far, help would be greatly appreciated. If there are any questions, I'll answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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