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Opening uTorrent from different locations


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Is it possible to have separate instances of uTorrent in different locations on the hard drive with different settings? With BitComet I was able to install in two different locations and the settings in one installation does not affect the settings in the other installation. This means that torrents I have running in one installation does not necessarily show up in the other installation. I don't open both installations at the same time.

I tried this with uTorrent a while ago. I opened uTorrent in one location and opened two torrents. I closed that uTorrent and then opened the uTorrent from a different location. The two torrents were not there so I opened a different torrent. I closed the uTorrent and then went back to the original location. The two torrents I had running were not there, only the one I opened in the second location.

Where does uTorrent store its settings on the computer to keep track of the torrents it has opened. I would like a situation similar to what I described for bitcomet because sometimes I want different torrents to be opened using different installations.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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