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NAT Error over Wireless connection

Funkstar De Luxe

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recently I have been receiveing a NAT error in uTorrent. My PC works just fine (it is actually wired into my router), however my laptop (which connects via wifi) continues to have NAT errors.

I am running XP, the Windows Firewall (with appropriate exception), UPnP support is fine, and all the 'hardware' firewalls and shit are switched off in my router.

uTorrent worked just fine on my laptop until a few weeks ago, when I just simply stopped. I haven't installed new software, or changed any settings etc.

My router is a new Netgear Netgear DG834G v2.

I am terribly sorry to post another NAT problem in this forum, but I just can't figure this one out.

Thank a lot!


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Is this really a speed problem? I'd have put it in troubleshooting, but anyway....

Start->Run->cmd /k ipconfig

Post that information. Also, do you have any software firewalls? And what do you mean by you have "switched off" your hardware firewalls? Did you set yourself as DMZ host? The router cannot know where to send the packets unless you let it know. Make sure the UPnP ports actually reflect the settings in the router. I've seen routers lose their settings during power outages before, which could explain why it seemed to have "simply stopped" Ok this might be stretching, but are you sure you're actually connected to YOUR wireless network? I've accidentally connected to an unsecured WAP of my neighbor's before and couldn't figure out why I was having problems. The easiest way to check is to turn off your router and see if you can still surf.

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