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DHT IPv6 supprt


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Does uTorrent DHT support IPv6 protocol?

I mean alpha version 1.8.x, because 1.7.x does not support IPv6 at all.

For example, Peer Exchange looks like it supports IPv6, I mean peers are exchanging their peers lists, including IPv6 addresses of peers, but when I turn off PEX and leave only DHT and tracker for torrent as a source of peers, I can't get information about peer that is in swarm and is only using IPv6 connection. (Tracker of course does not support IPv6, but it's not a uTorrent fault as I understand).

Thanks for info.

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Thanks! That thread is so long, so I got lost :)

So there is a hope for full IPv6 support on both, the client and the tracker side! That's GREAT!

But for now, I assume it's impossible to automatically (I mean not by manual adding IPv6 address into peer list of the torrent) connect two peers in swarm on IPv6 (both of them are using IPv6 and uTorrent 1.8) because there is no mechanism that could tell them that they use IPv6 and should connect that way?

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