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utorrent and Webbrowsing not working at the same time


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My utorrent has been working well for the longest time, but over the last few weeks...there has been a problem... I can't get my utorrent and internet (mozilla, outlook express, RSS feedprogam) to work at the same time.

If utorrent is on none of these work. The second I quit out of utorrent all of these begin to work.

Another problem that started around the same time is that is utorrent fails to recognize my open port. Under connections it sometime has a triangle symbol saying no connection or sometimes a oval symbol saying "Not connectable" there is a firewall/router blocking incoming ports. Its been like this for the last 2-3 weeks. I haven't changed any system settings. I had tried connecting directly w/o the router and shutoff my firewall program and none of these fix the problem.

Now the most odd part is that yesterday when my windows explorer crashed and then restarted...after that my utorrent started working perfectly. I had the green checkmark at the bottom and was getting blazing speeds. I made a screenshot of all the processes running at that time and compared it to the processes running today and I have the same exact processes working, but utorrent is giving me the same problems that it was giving yesterday.

Anyone have any clue on what could be causing this? Any help would be appreciated. I think now I'll turn off my utorrent so I can send this message.

I am running windows xp sp2, with bitdefender as my firewall/antivirus program. ISP is att. Thanks.

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