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RSS Update Feed 1.8 Beta


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I've been using the previous version of utorrent to download via RSS feeds from various sites. Since the 1.8 Bets update, I can't figure out where to view the list of available torrents in the updated feeds. Before everything was nicely package when you clicked the RSS radio button on the toolbar, but now it has changed. Now there is only the RSS feed and History tab available, where did the Update tab go? The feeds are listed in the sidebar, but no available torrents for each feed are listed. How do I update the feeds, so that I can determine which torrents are available? Also, I wanted to mention that when I right click on of my feeds in the sidebar, and click Update, the log tab provides me with:

RSS: Unable to download, HTTP 400 error. What is the meaning of this error, and how do I correct it?



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