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Want To Reformat Drive= Backing up U Torrent?


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Hello I am using U Torrent 1.6. 464.

I would like to reformat my C drive (which my version of U torrent is on) and not lose my

torrent settings or files.

When I go to C/Program Files/U Torrent all I find is a .Utorrnet.exe file. and an Unintall.exe


I do not "see" anyplace after doing a search where my 300 plus torrents are filed...:) or a .dat file, etc that I can "re import" into my newly reinstalled version.

My downloaded file exist on seperate hard drives so erasing them isn't the problem.

Removing the torrents is that are in my torrent client/ tracker info, etc.

I'll be using the same client when I reinstall so compatability dosent seem to be an issue.

How do I save and transfer the torrent/tracker data? My apoligies if this has been covered before, but I did a few searches and came up empty. I am just search for information whether or not this can be done and if so, how.


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