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Port Forwarding with wireless Access Point


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I have my adsl modem router's settings configured to forward the ports for utorrent in relation to my pc with is attached by the ethernet cable, works fine.

I have recently added a wireless AP but cannot figure out how to forward ports to the pc's that now wireless connect via this.

In my router I have tried forwarding ports to both the internal IP of the wireless AP (which is, the wired routers network is all on 10.*) and to the IP that the pc's that access wirelessly get, for instance on this laptop which gets Neither of those settings work. Internet works fine for them otherwise and utorrent downloads but no port forwarding.

Is there an external IP for my AP that would be asssigned by dhcp from the modem/router? My modem/router is a bit cheap (Origo ASR 8400 - not knocking it though, its been good to me for a few years) and doesn't have any details of who is on what IP at this given time, like a dhcp table, so I can't find the external IP of the wireless AP.

What should I be doing?

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