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WebUI and DHT


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I have noticed that under the "General" tab, there is never any information regarding:

Tracker URL

Tracker Status

Update in:

DHT Status


I don't really care to see any of this, I just want to make sure that DHT is working. I'm running this in Fedora 8 under Wine and I have it installed as a service so theres no way for me to just "look at the normal uTorrent UI". Any way to check the DHT status via the web interface?

Perhaps a PHP script or otherwise?


So I did some testing. I was getting really low download speeds - 10kB/s!!! This is too low for a torrent which had like 98 seeders for 20 leechers. Since I'm running as a service (see my sig) I couldn't see the normal uTorrent interface.

I decided to kill the torrent service

"root#>service utorrent stop"

and manually re-open it

"%user%>/home/%user%/.wine/drive_c/Program\ files/uTorrent/uTorrent.exe"

That way the uTorrent.exe would open on my active screen (again, see my sig to understand why I couldn't see the UI before).

Here's where it got interesting:

-DHT was *not* active before. Only one node to begin with and this soon swelled to ~85

-After restarting the webUI, now with a visible uTorrent.exe and DHT working, the same torrent from before was giving me 280 KB/s...w00t

Does this imply that the webUI does not have the ability to actually control the DHT settings of uTorrent. I noticed that when I right-click on any active torrent and select properties from the context-menu, the "Other Settings" group box has "enable DHT" greyed out...


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