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Slow speed + no incoming connection


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Hi everyone !

I'm sorry to bother you all with another post about this topic but I've tried everything and I'm despering to find a solution.

I run on windows xp sp2.

My connection is through a wi-fi router Netgear WGR614 v7.

I have already created a static IP adress, and forwarded the utorrent port in my router as described on www.portforward.com

Upnp enabled.

My internet connection works all right.

I use the windows firewall and have already checked that utorrent is part of the exceptions.

Avast AV is running on my cpu.

Now here is my problem : I have the sign "no incoming connection" at the bottom of the utorrent window and when I run the test it says that my "port does not appear to be open". YET utorrent still dowloads and uploads but never above 15 kbps. I'm getting very frustrated by this as I've done everything by the book and checked several times to make sure nothing is wrong... Please HELP !


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