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RED ! ISSUES on vista machine


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ok I posted once before and never fixed it

but here is issue as it stands

my new vista machine driving me nuts not connectable

vista home prem

amd phenom 4 core

3 gig ram etc etc

linksys wrt150n

900gig satas

not bothering with rest stats not going to help

last thread had me going around making things staic ip configs never helped at all

still setup but never worked

set up my xp machine in seconds same router etc port fowarding to xxx.100 no static setup all is good on router side works great on all but this vista machine

both xp machines and vista machine running norton net security firewall up on xp machine down at moment on vista

no matter what port i use on vista machine it doesnt work

after days now of tryign to get this to work I found at portfoward the answer

"EDIT: OK I found a much more elegant solution and have a theory as to why it doesn't work right on Vista x64 at least: Start uTorrent as normal (don't run as administrator). Go to Preferences, Advanced and scroll down the list until you find net.bind_ip. Set this to whatever your computer's IP address is (You should set this statically outside of your router's DHCP range if you are using DHCP). Viola! One working uTorrent port forward."

also works for vista home premium x32

im back to green !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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