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air card


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im using a alltel aircard in my laptop.

Utorrent will start and run good for a min or two(green check)

With good speed 100k or so.Then after a min or two.

If i go to the peers tad and look all my connection will be at 1k each.

I'll have a good number of connection they will just all be giving at 1k.

The green check is still on and it looks good but throttled down.

But unlike on the cable net work that mess with the seeds.This is messing with the download side.

Anyone have a idea around this.



just to update.

I could not find any way around the throttling down


what i did find is that when i run my air card in a d-link (kyocera) router, and port forward the router then everything runs good.

I,m not sure what is going on,but hey it works.

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