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Listen error with Vista, and only Vista !!!!


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After searching the forum i found that several others have been in the same situation. I have "listen error" on my laptop with Vista, and only with Vista. I have another laptop also with XP SP2.

Utorrent on the XP machine runs like it has runned the past 2 years, like a charm always a green flag. But this new laptop with Vista i have listen error !

Router is ofcourse set up (or the XP wont work eather). In the Vista machine the windows firewall is set to except Utorrent and i have also an exception for the port forwarding. When running the speed guide everything is green....incoming connections are ok.

When checking the "canyouseeme-site" everything is also OK. I also tried to log into the "real" admin-account" on Vista and see if that made any changes.....it did not. Still red-flag!

When i then go the XP machine...i get green flag in 1 second....Vista red flag and never changes....

On the Vista machine i have great speed down and i think i have okej speed up. Im on a 2x100 Mbit connection and i have almost full speed down (17.3 MB), but have not been able to test the upspeed fully. But i have over 12 MB up speed so far....

Im out of ideas to why i have listen error on the Vista machine. Is this a BUG from Utorrent team????

I have also checked if any other software is using the listen port, but none is. Everything should be OK, but it is still red flag. Why ??? And only on Vista !!!

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