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Yellow Triangle of Death! (with an exclamation point in the middle)


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I guess anyone can guess what my problem is.

It is the YTD. It rarely if ever turns green anymore for me. I had a steady streak where everytime I turn on uTorrent, it would turn green immediately. This streak ran for a few months-exactly for 3 months since i first asked for help on this forum. Then most recently, in the last few days, the YTD appeared all of a sudden. Can anyone help please,

i miss the color green and hate yellow. Can anyone please help, i don't want to switch to the hated blue frog. I can't connect to any peers but i could connect to some seeds sometimes. Is there no one out there who can help? I tried waiting for the triangle to go green circle for hours but it never does and when i tested the port that i have been using for a long time, it says that the port does not appear to be open, but i used this port and others and it worked fine.

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