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Little help if possible


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Ive checked the FAQ an this site and can't seem to find an answer,

I've downloaded files on my main PC

Now my laptop (for some reason) uploads alot quicker

i've transfered both the torrents and the full downloaded files to my laptop, but i cant 'set download location' to show the file is complete and therefore just seed straight away

I don't know if this is the right thing to do, so any hep would be fantastic as its a small annoying problem!

Thanks for anyone who can help me

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But there isnt any % there because i dont want the torrent to downlaod again

I have the full file but it won't seed straight away?

Do i have to do something specific because i didnt download that file to the laptop, just transfered it?

EDIT, Sorted it now, i get what you mean

Thanks for the help and apologises :)

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