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am I being throttled?


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I'm using 384 kbps wireless internet connection. Usually (before a month ago) my torrent connection can reach 35 kBps on a good torrent (open office, slackware, and other high seed torrent). Every torrent is connected to around 50 seed/peer. Each peer usually transfers around 3 - 7 Kbps. I only run 1 or 2 torrents at the same time. During that time, the indicator shows yellow triangle and sometime red circle. But the speed is still relatively high. Even if I only run 1 torrent, the speed can still reach 35 kBps.

and the problem started few weeks ago...

I still can connect to around 40 seed/peer for each torrent, but somehow each seed/peer can only transfer 1 kBps at max to my client. If a seed/peer connected to my client for the first time, it can transfer around 1.5 - 2 kBps, but it will graduately decreases until below 1 kBps, and never goes up again.

This cause my total connection become slow, around 5 - 10 kBps.

If I add more torrent (3 or 4 torrents run at the same time) the total speed can increase to around 20. But if I run only 1 torrent, the speed is low.

I have tried :

- force encryption

- change ports

- use proxy (but i'm not sure i'm doing it right)

- use 1.7.7 and 1.8 beta

- change the max connection

- blame the ISP

but nothing works. Max seed/peer connection always below 1 kBps. I've tried to search in this forum, but I didn't find the answer yet. Anyone have an idea if :

the connection is being throttled by the ISP


there is something wrong with my torrent setting

I want to check my isp on glastnost project, but the server is always busy.

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