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Port forward again - NAT config reset


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hi we recently upgrading our phone lines here - and im sure this reset the settings for my opened ports

i went to the NAT configuation and had to do it again but when i try to open a port it says

(Fails to perform the specified action...Error: Invalid command)

im using a dlink dsl 302g and i manually configured my ip address - the settings on the pc for UT is still the same

i go type the ip address for my router

advance settings

under WAN is NAT rule configuations

then nat rule entry and add a port

rule id 2

local address from:

local address to:

destination port from: 45682

destination port to 45682

ive tryed local address from and to using and still dont work

i went to http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Dlink/DSL-302G/Utorrent.htm and tryed but still dont work - can your isp prevent you from opening a port ? or make it unavailable while they upgrade ?

thank you


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