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HELP! Port forwarding :( :( :(


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I'm trying to forward a port for uTorrent and I've been getting absolutely nowhere for the past6 weeks, so it's getting reeeally old.... >:( I did everything www.portforward.com told me to do, even though the help screens look nothing like the Verizon/Westell layout that I have. I logged into the router, went to Firewall settings and went to the "Port Forwarding" section (!), chose the settings and clicked "apply", yet STILL the port forward test determines the port is somehow not forwarded properly.

I do not want to set up a static IP, because I don't want to be messing around with something and have the whole weekend without an internet connection (I use the internet for my job and weekends are the busiest time).

I have the dreaded orange triangle, so I'm at least squeezing blood from a stone, but I want to be able to download at the speeds uTorrent is designed for. I'm not in any way intelligent and barely understand the difference between TCP & UDP (one of them has different letters).


Port used: 54521

OS: Windows Vista

ISP: Verizon, wireless connection

Router/Modem: Westell D90-327W15-06

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Hi, A static IP sometimes is Not Neccasary but sometimes it is. We will just have to see if you need one. Is the Westell the only unit you have on your Network?? If so can you Post a Screenshot of your Port Forward Page. Also do you have any Firewalls, Internet Securuity Programs or Anti Virus w/Worm Blocker??

About Setting up a Static IP the thing that makes you loose your Internet is you have the Wrong DNS IP's. But that is easily fixed you would just input your Default Gateway (Routers IP) as the Primary DNS and leave the 2nd Blank. If your DNS IP's you got in IPCONFIG/ ALL do NOT work.

But if you do Loose your internet and Nothing works getting the internet back is easily Fixed you just goto TCP/IP Properties Page and reset back to Obtain IP Automatically as well as the DNS IP's.

EDIT: you can Also read this Guide on why do you need a Static IP:


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