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Port forwarding problem


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Guys, i am getting frustrated. I've got 3Com 3CRWER100-75 router. And i am failing to open ports in order for uTorrent to work. I've followed the guy on portforwarding.com with few modifications:

1. I gave my PC static IP through MAC address

2. Entered the router web page, went to Virtual Servers

3. Application Name: Utor2, Start/End Port: 39886~39886, Protocol: UDP and TCP, IP

4. Saved and Restarted the modem.

and it still doesnt work.

I've got the latest firmware.

What am i doing wrong?


OK, I succeeded!!!

However, something is totally wierd. I can download only 1 torrent at the same time!. How do i fix this?

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Make sure you configured everything properly according to the instructions provided in the Speed Guide. If you have, and µTorrent determines that you should only have one torrent started at any given time, then your connection isn't well-suited for downloading multiple torrents simultaneously -- leave it alone.

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