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Remaining and ETA; time and size concepts in UI


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I presented this issue in another thread of another category, but I thought I should present it anyway in this, the User Interface category of the forum.

The word "Remaining" is used in 2 different parts of ut in regards to 2 different kind of data.

In the torrent list, "Remaining" is the remaining SIZE to download.

In the General tab, transfer section, "Remaining" is the remaining TIME to finish (download or to the seeding goal). In this case, the data is actually the so called ETA in the torrent list.

Using the same word "Remaining" to refer to 2 different concepts is not a good idea, IMHO. Also, calling the same data by 2 different names (once ETA, once Remaining) is not a good idea either, IMHO.

This kind of issue could be happening every time you choose an adjective (like "Remaining") as a name. But, if the devs choose to use it like that, it should be use in such a manner that the same word reflects the same unique concept every time and in every place, including the UI, the help file, etc.

If the word ETA is being used in the torrent list, this same word should be used in the general tab, specially because the word chosen instead (Remaining) is already flecting something else (not remaining time, but remaining SIZE) in the torrent list.

This would be one way to go. The devs could choose others, but IMO the word "Remaining" in the "General" tab has to be removed (and write the word ETA instead - my favorite option) or be complemented (like Time Remaining, as in Time Elapsed).

Please note I'm not asking to remove the data, but just to change the name used to call it in the "General" tab, so we can get a more consistent UI.

This suggestion is also valid to the 1.8 beta, and I would like to suggest to the devs to change this UI issue before the final version (if it's possible, just in the next beta build).

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