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DHT problems affecting my download


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Sorry if this is completely the wrong place. I'm having problems with a download at the minute, i have downloaded up to 77% but after restarting my computer (because i installed winRAR) the download is saying the DHT isn't allowed, iv checked all my DHT settings and it's all fine. i can't find one problem. iv attempted downloading the torrent again (but keeping the files iv downloaded) and that hasn't worked. I've also tried restarting my computer and that hasnt worked. What im having most problems understanding is that on previous downloads i have right-clicked and pressed properties and the option to disable the DHT for that torrent is enabled, where as on this download the only option i have is for initial seeding. may that be the problem? and how do i fix it?

EDIT: for some odd reason its now working... i still don't know what the problem was but oh well. Sorry for the inconvnience.

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