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utorrent 1.77 - can't get rid of yellow icon on bottom. help


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hello, i am new here.

here's my stats:

ISP - Optimum Online

speed - 2MBit (Not totally sure)

Router - Dlink WBR 1310

no tcp/icp patch

firewall - windows and kaspersky

antivirus - kaspersky

utorrent 1.77

recently i've gotten the much dreaded yellow mark on the bottom of the screen indicating no incoming connections. i cannot get rid of it. sometimes after messing with the router and firewall settings i get a green marker but a few seconds later it disappears and goes back to yellow. i tried a bunch of different suggestions and guides while searching Google tonite and im fed up. i need further help. can someone please help me. btw if this needs to go to a separate topic please tell me or if you're a mod you can proceed to move this.

please help. thanks a lot! take care.


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sorry im not sure where to find that. i forgot to mention im using Kaspersky 2009 Beta Version my bad. would you happen to know where i can find it on that? im sure it's in a different place cause of beta. but it's certainly helped me so far this version.

thanks a lot for any help you can provide pal.


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