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utorrent wont download if no mouse movement


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firstly, hi to everyone, i am new here.

i have always downloaded using limewire, until my friend told me to use torrents for downloading. Now i use both.

I'd like to say that i only use Utorrent for one simple reason;

many files i search for are not available on limewires search.

but the popular belief that torrents are fast is the biggest misconception i have ever encountered.My main problem is that when i switch u8torrent on before going to sleep (it slows my internet down when i am working simultaneously and pages load slowly in browser, so i only switch on when i am sleeping or when watching a film), then as soon as i leave the mouse alone and am njot at the screen watching, all downloads come to a halt.

I just left it with a all my files at 16 percent, 38 percent etc..as i woke up , the files were in the same loading status as before!

as soon as i moved the mnouse all the torrents started.

this happens every time.

not a single kilobyte loads if i am not moving the mouse..

secondly, the other probl;em i find is that an album, lets say of 80 megavyte, will take about a week to download. whereas with limewire i have it in an hour at most.

The maze of settings and inconsistent results (because of varied internet providers, routers, etc) makes the potenjtial high speed downloads purported to be possible with torrents "impossible"

Mst internet providers dont supply enugh info or access to settings for you to be able to set the options according to how they should be set.

resulting in the slowest and most boring way of downloading ever.

Here is my conclusion.

Limewire is one hundred times faster, and would be better in all respects if people would just use the thing instead of torrents.

Why do people prefer torrents when you can directly downloadusing limewire at a much faster rate?

whyy does torrent stop when nyou arent watching.

Why do people like using a program that has 300 options to set that you dont even understand?

in limewire you search click download and then you have it in no time with no "first search and download the torrent, then load it, and then fiddle and watch and hope it arrives soemtime this year.

every time

I cant understand it.Maybe they do load fast if the settings are right, but i still have to9 find a post where someone writes "i love this program it loads soooo fast!"

it just the most complex thing to get a simple download.

I just go 2 800 megabyte files in 4 hours off limewire. the same files took me 2 weeks on utorrent.

so please ansewr my 2 main questions;

why doesnt utorrent download when you arent watching the screen?

and why down we all just useand share files on limewire where we would not have to wait weeks and weeks to get the files and not have some useless torrent files lying around like junk tincans on the hard drive after downloading.

it really is much much faster.

Limewire needs more files on archive thats all, which it would have if more people used it instead of wasting time and energy fumbling about with settings that you need a phd for on utorrent.

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Are you saying you're not clever enough to use µTorrent, and then blame it on the program?

Did you even try to set your settings in accordance with the speed guide?

Are your ports forwarded?

Do you look at the seed/peer ratio before downloading a torrent?

What exactly are you blaming your ISP for - if they don't tell you how fast your connection is (which is all you really need to know from them) then you are scammed AND you can just do a speedtest anyway. Sure they could throttle BitTorrent traffic, but that's why there is PE

Why do you expect people to post "I love this program, it loads so fast" - surely you are aware that people who are experiencing trouble are more likely to complain than that people who aren't experiencing trouble are to say that they aren't?

Also, µTorrent not downloading when you're not watching does not happen to me or anyone I know, and I hope you're not putting your computer in standby and still expect µTorrent to be active..

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no pc is not in standby (i set pc to never hibernate, no screensaver no drive shutdown etc)

I agree that it sounds strange, but i promise you it happens every time.

i start u torrent, leave the interface open on screen (not minimized) and wait to see some download speeds.

once it has started i go to bed.

when i get up, the download rate is blank on eacvh file and the percent of file download is the same as it was when i left it.

so i take the mouse and right click on a file

all of a sudden i see some kbs download info start to appear.

it only downloads when i am actively working on the pc.

i have an amd turion 64 X2 processor.

anyway, i still feel that i can download easlil;y and quickly with limewire and that all the settings necessary for utorrent makes it less interesting to use

but yes, you must be wondering "so why are you using it mate?"

because torrent sites have some files that i cant find on limewire.

but limewire is soooo easy you dont have to set anything on it.

as to me being tooo stupid to use utorrent.

No9 im not too stupid, i just think it is a hell of a lot of work and hassle to wade through all the different issues and find one's particular case in oreder to set it up properly.

Bu i am not stupid i can speak 7 languages fluently plus 2 dead languages i can decipher the text (pali sanskkrit and Kmer sanskrit)

apart from that i can do php javascript xml html ajax, set up a server css etc.

i left school at 13 and taught myself to do all these human and web languages.

I'v even develkoped my own windows application using c++

widgets are as easy as making coffe for me.

so no mate, im not too stupid to use u torrent, im too busy to have the time to fiddle with all those settings!

it's like this;

If you sat there on the side of the river and spend a week tring to figure out this complex obscure way to cross to the other side, using cords and boards, or by shooting an arrow across to a tree and then tying a chair to the cord and try to cross, when actually you have a constructed bridge with a road in front of you, then are you stupid.?? for taking the hard way when there is a bnridge already there for you to cross easily with?

of course you are stupid!

well, Utorrent is the arrow and the rope to the tree

limewire is the construction bridge you lot arent taing because you perefer to fiddle with all these settings.

I reckon you just have fun with all the issues and permutations that occur with utorrent.

If not youd be sat watching these 25 songs download at breakneck speed with limewire that i am watching now as i write.

I would love to use utorrent a lot more if it would work without any fiddling, but it doesnt. I do admnit there are so many files that one can finde on the torrent sites..it would be fantastic if it wasnt so hard to configure

for example, my internet provider (i am in thailand), is cable in a massivve condominium complex.

i have 1mbps

as to "Ports" open he has ony port 80 available for downloading (meaning the port test on utorrent options doesnt work) and when i manually type in 80 or 8080 as download port then it still says not open

I have no access to open this port.

so i am unable to make utorrent work to its fulklest aility

i dont have a router

if there is a router then it is a big one downstairs in the office of the building which splits between hundreds of other renters in this building.

I dont use a firewall

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