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Dynamic IP Problems?


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Hey, I run from a really small local ISP (Nu-Z.net) and I'm getting some wacky shit happen when I try to create a static IP. I can go so far as getting the address set up so I can browse the internet, but my uTorrent won't connect to any seeds at all, unless I enable UPnP. When I try enable my UPnP settings by going through the router (zhone/paradyne 6831-A3), I can't connect to it using my dynamic IP. I have to change my IP address to something in the network (according to the router manual), but when I do, I can only connect to the router, and nothing else. I can enable UPnP through here, but have to change back to automatically detecting IP afterwards, to access the internet. It works for a bit (downloads upwards of 150k), until it just stops connecting to seeds out of nowhere. Does anybody have any idea what's going on?

Bare Facts follow:

IP through console: (when I put this in as static IP, it works, but can't connect to router.)

External IP:

IP Used to connect to router:

Sorry if this was a bit long winded. Just been frustrated with this for a while.

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Not sure of terminology, but when I open console and enter ipconfig/all that's what it states as my IP address. Nothing connects through the router unless it's on the network, which i threw in 103 for the last three digits on that to access router. My default gateway shows in console as

I don't have a clue either. I'm stumped. :(

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