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little red circle


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I'm running utorrent v1.7.7 on vista, I've forwarded ports on the router (followed the guide at portforward.com) disabled firewall on my router (bt homehub) im using the windows firewall, utorrent has been added as an exception. also i'm running nod32 which is the only anti-virus anti-spy-ware i'm running. Is there something I'm missing, the utorrent port forward test says port isn't open with the little red circle at the bottom but i still have 53KB down 36KB up so I'm not completely unconnectable. don't know what else it could be. any suggestions?? everything was fine last night but now i got the red circle. thanks in advance guys.

EDIT: How do I check if its a NAT problem??

EDIT: thanks alot, had a feeling it would be something simple like that. its amazing what you overlook when your frustrated

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did you save the settings on the router and reboot the device..

I think that most routers have to save and reboot after opening the ports.

I have Dlink and that is what i had to do,

I kept on getttin the yellow triangle.

but after i saved and rebooted,,

the circle turns green,

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