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Port not forwarding for WPN824v2


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Alright ive through about almost every post already for the WPN824v2 and to be honest murjos post was the closest thing to my problem, but it didnt help me out.

Now ive got a wired connection to the WPN824v2 router.

There are also 2 other wireless computers connected to the router.

I dont have a static IP and would rather not set one up.

I occasionally get the green light saying my port is forwarded but it goes away in about 10 minutes.

Ive followed the directions from www.portforward.com for setting up my Utorrent port but i think that site might be a little out of date.

If need be ill reset my Utorrent to default and start over, but id prefer if someone could walk me through the set up so i get it right.

Im not having problems with downloading torrents, its mainly the uploading, i have a what.cd account and i need my port open so i can upload and keep a decent ratio.

I consider myself very computer literate but in reading through alot of these posts i realize i dont know a lot of networks and the various types of connections, so go easy on me with the lingo i.e. DMZ and bridging my connection.

Any help would be great, thanks guys.

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