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I think, bug found in version 1.8


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I have set that utorrent associates with .torrent.

When the utorrent software is closed and i open a torrent download link (from website).

It starts Utorrent and starts downloading.

Only the forward port indication stays RED and testing it the port is not open.

When i close the software and start it again by clicking the utorrent sofware.

It works fine the indication is GREEN (Network OK).

At the moment i'm ussing the latest version 1.8 build 11564 (dutch).

Can you let me know if this is an bug or not?



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You may have installed uTorrent twice, I will try to explain.

I am using the same version as you (build 11564 but English) and tried opening a .torrent straight from a torrent site and everything seems to be OK at my end.

I have had an instance where uTorrent was Pre-installed on a streamlined operating system (win XP Pro) and after I updated it somehow I had 2 instances of uTorrent installed.

One (the old pre-installed version) used to open when I started a .torrent straight from a site as you said and the other would open when I opened uTorrent from a shortcut in the start menu.

Try opening uTorrent from your PC the way you said it works OK and check the build number and what port it is using and then close uTorrent and open it by clicking a .torrent on a website and check that it is the same build number and it is using the same ports.

Please let us know how you get on ;)

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After updating to 1.8 the association to .torrent was gone.

I activated this my self with the button in the settings.

In both situations it is the same build.

I always set one port so here is no differents.

I have now the feeling that it is only happening with a cold start of the pc.

Just by closing the software and checking if the process is closed.

Starting software again with link it will get network OK.

Later on today I will test this.

Well i did the test.

After reboot everything works fine.

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