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as a customer of virgin media (fomerly NTL) for many years going back to 56k modem ive stayed with them because of cable increase speeds of 2mb,4mb,10mb to 20mb connection which i now have (or supposed to have) reason being every 3 months i would have to ring them up to confirm that the deal/bundle they were giving me was still available which was fine, but today having phoned them to complain that my speed was slow i was told that my 20mb had been decreased to 2mb from jan 2008 for some unknown reason after having signed a 12 month contract for 20mb ,this contact was verbally over the phone and a package was set up for my needs including tv and land line phone for x amount of money, bearing in mind direct debit has been set up on a monthly bases, a few issues arrive here one being more money being taken for a package that was not provided second not having the decency to inform the customer and for all those other people out there with speed issues this may well be the cause without you knowing i suggest if your situation is similar to mine that you call them to find out, my next step is to ask for compensation when i call tomorrow,sorry for the long winded explanation but thought this might help some people who are thinking its down to utorrent or other possibilities. PS one pissed of virgin media customer.

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