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Port Fowarding Problems


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I have the yellow triangle with the ! in the center and it says No Incoming Connections but i still can download things & slow to decent speeds. I've tried changing the port by ramdomizing it & turned off my firewalls & Anti-Virus & still nothing, i tried leaving my Firewalls & Anti-Virus on & making sure the were on the exceptions list & nothing.... Also everytime i try to changes ports all the ports are highlight in red so i'm guessing that means there not working for me at least.....

Computer Specs:

Custom Gaming Computer

Windows Vista Home Premium

Intel Core Duo 3.60 ghz

4gb DDR2 ram

Nivida GeForce 7300GT 512mb Video Card

Internet Type: Cable

Internet Modem: Made By:ARRIS Model:CM550A

Router: Linksys WRT150N Wireless Home Router

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