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ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Port not forwarding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hiya All,

I have been using uTorrent for years and only recently have I started having troubles with it.

I am running Vista SP1 +64 system with a Belkin router, Comodo Firewall and Kaspersky Internet Security. I recently re-installed my op sys and installed everything as before yet now I get the "Listen Port" red exclamation mark and when I check to see if the port is forwarding it says it isn't open.

I have configured the router ports (as per the www.portforward.com guide) exactly the same as it was before the re-install and no go. I turned off the firewall and the kasperky, re-checked utorrent and now I have the "no incoming connections"orange exclamation mark.

Now I am stuffed as to where to go so I am in need of assistance please.

SOLVED - I had reset my router, but for some reason had reverted back to my old port settings for utorrent.

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