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Two torrent clients, two browsers, one XP login?


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Hi, Is there a way to set up Internet Explorer 7 and FF 3 so each browser uses a different client to open torrents (Deluge* and uTorrent, respectively)?

*or whatever, I'm testing small footprint clients ATM, and Deluge is the only client other than uTorrent I have installed.

By way of explanation, if anyone needs to know, I use uTorrent on my friend's box (He has cable, I have dialup) I want to set him up with a torrent client, but it has to be as simple as possible because he knows NOTHING about computers that I don't show him (100 times). For a variety of reasons I don't want him using uTorrent. I want to set up a client with a small footprint (extremely crappy box, that's what originally attracted me to uTorrent). He uses IE and I use Firefox.

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