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Help port forwarding with dlink dir-300!


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Hi everyone,

Seem to be having quite a lot of trouble getting port forwarding set up with my new dir-300 router.

used to have an old dlink di-524, worked alright but would freeze/wireless would drop out/was just generally dodgey and need resetting all the time so i got myself a new dir-300.

problem being that no matter what i do, i cant get port forwarding to work any more!

followed the guide from portforward.com (set my pc a static ip, not dhcp, went into port forwarding, set the port etc) but using the port checker it says failed, and utorrent has the orange ! in the status saying "listen error, you should change the listen port."

thought fair enough, changed it about half a dozen times not to no avail!

torrents do still download, but very slowly.

cant think of anything else to do. everything is set up exactly like i had my old router.

is it just a problem with this router (i doubt it, as ive heard of other people using it)?

thinking of taking it back and upgrading to the next model up with wireless n (not that i use anything wireless but my wii, lol)

would it be worth changing to dd-wrt firmware? contemplating it as im getting pretty sick of it.

thanks in advance for any advice!


running utorrent 1.8 of course

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