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utorrent 1.8 +wine


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hey folks currently i have installed utorrent 1.8 + wine onto my ubuntu server. and have installed the webui.zip , not the beta one because im having more problems with that one.

but when i go to my servers ipadress with the port i chose for utorrent and /gui/index.html/

I can login but it sticks on the loading screen and doesnt do anything , Im sorry if this has been before but i cant find it .

so does anyone know what the problem is?

help would be highly aprreciated

Update: got it logged in thanks to the brilliant people in this topic


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its probably something in that direction,

when i go to the ip in the brower it just comes up with "utorrent webui doesnt seen to be installed, click here to try to install or view the guide" says something like that anyway and i cant seem to get rid of it .

was using firefox

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