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vista speed problems


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alright, heres the scoop, i had a comp with xp before that eventually broke down over time and utorrent worked perfect then, so i got a new comp that happened to have vista on it, when i downloaded utorrent i was only getting 1 seed per download, so i looked up how to fix this, and i did, about a year later my comp has some hardware issues, so i sent it back to get repairs and had a rental with vista(a better version) and utorrent worked perfectly there, a month later i get my good ol' comp back and it was reformatted so i had to install everything again, so after installing utorrent i had the same problem, so i did exactly what i did before but nothing happened and its even worse, i get absolutely NO seeds ever i tried everything from turning off my firewall to making my ip the net bind ip in advanced, im clueless now im still looking for solutions but none of these things have worked for me yet

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