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hi people

At my school we have to share large files sometimes (images for windows xp/2003 server... virtual machines). Normally the teacher would share a folder and the whole class (about 20 people) started to download it like idiots and of course, this took sometimes hours...

So me and 2 friends came with the idea to set up a torrent server. We got permission to set it up and so we did. We have now a simple server (1.3 ghz processor, 1.5 gb RAM and 30 GB storage) just to try it. We do now run it on a Windows 2003 server with uTorrent 1.8 (latest stable version), an apache + mysql webserver and with Rivettracker.

The teachers can create the torrent file and upload it on the tracker. uTorrent automatically imports the torrent from the tracker via RSS. So the server will download the file so there is always 1 seeder available.

All this works within the LAN of school. And most of the time, it works perfect. And it works the way torrents should work. As soon as the server has seeded parts of the file, the users start to seed to each other too.

Several teachers use it now, and they are all very enthausiastic about it. So now we have the offer to come up with some specs for a brand new server.

And now the actual question: What kind of specs (and setup) do i need for this to have a good stable server?

some extra info:

- It will be set in a server rack with (at least) Gigabit network connection.

- It has to be able to serve up to at least 50 users (read connections) at once

- It has to be able to upload and download at the same time with a decent speed

- Users are connected to the network with a 100 mbit/s connection

- So it's not a desktop... It will be a 19" server for in a rack. Probably with SCSI disk in RAID configurations...

I hope that somebody here can help me with an indication of what things/parts are important for this server... I don't exactly need to know the components that i have to use from you people. More like an indication of how much RAM, processor speed etc.

If you need more info, just ask...

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