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Suddenly cannot seed


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Right around the time I upgraded to utorrent 1.8 I noticed that none of my torrents could properly seed. They get up to around 6-8 kb/sec tops and then slowly decrease until stopping completely. This is true even when I am the only seeder, and there are several leechers on the torrent I am trying to seed. I've also tried multiple trackers, and I seem to have the same problem with all of them. Looking at the peers tab, it shows that I am only sending data to 1 peer at a time, and at very slow speeds. I tried changing the port, changing my local static IP, rebooted the router several times. Nothing.

It also started around the same time I installed VMware workstation (it did some stuff to my network connection), so I uninstalled that, but the problem persisted. I went back to utorrent 1.77 but that didn't fix the problem either. I've gone through mostly everything in the help threads, but I can't find a solution to this problem.

I've been using uTorrent without problems for years, and I've never had this problem before. I'll give a quick rundown of everything:

- Speed tests all normal (600kb down/60 up)

- Max upload set to 55kb, max download set to 500kb

- Max connections 375, max peers per torrent 100, max upload slots per torrent 4

- DHT, UPnP, NAT-PMP disabled

- Encryption enabled (not forced, accepting legacy connections)

- Scheduler disabled

- PC is set up with a local static IP

- uTorrent is set to use port 14000

- Router is set to forward port 14000 to the same static local IP as my PC.

- uTorrent status is green

- uTorrent port checker shows green most of the time (This is the fishy part. If I refresh this page a few times, I will sometimes tell me that port 14000 is closed. Wait a few minutes and refresh, it is green again.)

A few things about my rig:

- Windows Vista 32 SP1

- Windows firewall service completely disabled

- Windows defender service completely disabled

- NIC: Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010

- Router: WRT150N (dd-wrt installed)

- AVG 8 installed (resident shield disabled)

- ISP: Shaw (Alberta)

Friends living in the same city with the same ISP are not experiencing these problems.

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