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Tracker Status - The system cannot find the file specified


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Hi , yes I've read all the posts related to this - no, none of them help. Please don't reply with file length or path length - because - it's only happening to torrents from a particular private tracker.

I have other torrents running happily, was seeding and leeching from this site and overnight get the message.

Further the forum at the particular site, other utor users are having no problems.

I have restarted, redowned torrents - old ones and new, relocated, rechecked, can open containing folder, all of it resulting in this one sites torrents tracker status "The system cannot find the file specified".

All drives are wearing their normal letters happily.

It's the site specificity that has me beat.

help me obi-wan kenobi

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No language pack, site is local to my city.

four months later

Well I'm back all these months later and so is the problem - identical. New software install on new computer -only thing I have noticed is that it started after nero install. Same setup otherwise - one minute ok next minute one site's torrents are red and 'system can't find the file specified'.

Last time it went away after some days and quite a few reboots. The site is a private tracker with that level of security - four or five other trackers (all private)that are working well have similar security.

what are the chances of help this time?

Yes I have completely uninstyalled nero, rebooted etc. Prob remains.

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