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General Torrent Questions


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Hello, I hope this is in the right category. Since I am new to this idea of downloading torrents, I had a few questions in hopes of getting them answered.

I have listed them in a easy to understand format below.

First of all:

1. I was curious as to if downloading "Legal Torrents" is legal? Assuming the file is not copyrighted ad is willingly put out there by the comapny and is not liscenced, etc?

2. In some downloads, I saw whrn I finished a torrent it had an uplad speed. Well on one torrent, I had uploaded 0B. How do I fix this?

3. What happens when you have no seeds but only pears? Is the torrent dead? How can I bring it back?

4. In Seeds peers I see: ex: Seeds 0 (0). What does this mean?

I apologize if I am or is sounding like a pest.

I thank you for your responses.


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1. Everything is copyrighted, but yes, if the owner allows free distribution, you can be sure that it's legal.

2. You can't expect all torrents to behave identically at all times. It depends on how many seeds and peers there are in the swarm, among other factors.

3. Not necessarily. If the availability is 1.0 or greater, then you can still complete the torrent without a seed

4. No seeds in the swarm, and you're not connected to any (of course).

See http://www.utorrent.com/guides.php for an introduction to BitTorrent and µTorrent (user manual included).

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