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Internet Access Cuts Out During Torrent Downloading


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This never happened before. I've been using Vista since it came out with SP1. a couple months back, I formatted my PC and reloaded evetything, including SP1.

Now, when DLing torrents, I notice that I loose internet browsing capability. I've done some re-search and it looks like it's due to my TCPIP.sys file needing to be edited.


Well, I don't like the idea of dealing with river signing and having to select something everytime I boot Vista. Is there a way around this?

Also, someone else said that you should uncheck Enable DHT Network, would that actually fix it? What negatives would that cause?

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Try the µTorrent 1.8.1 beta, as the current stable build is known to cause some internet disconnectivity issues. You'll still need to keep this checklist in mind after switching to 1.8.1, but 1.8.1 should be better about connection interruptions for many users.

DHT is really most useful on torrents that are nearly dying. For users who are having interruption problems, disabling DHT should have a higher priority.

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