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Kurdish (Kurdî / کوردی)


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Utorrent in Kurdish. Having utorrent in our native language is good. :)

I like that. Sorani and Kurmanji two Kurdish dialects. Sorani is written with Arabic alphabets and Kurdmanji is written with English alphabets. We already have the kurdmanji translation, we need to have it in Sorani too.

It is good to have utorrent translated to both dialects. (Kurdish S and Kurdish K)

بهڵام به سۆرانی یان به کوردمانجی؟

به ههردوو زاراوهکه ههبێ باشه


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What you can do?

a) You can wait forever

B) Read the next lines

1) Read the first topic in the translation thread which says:

If your language is not listed here or translation status is less than 80% (check it here) and you want to help translating uTorrent to your language (should be your mother tongue) than email Firon or schnurlos with your valid email address for registration to the µTS (µTorrent Translation System), your nickname here in the forums and the language which you want to translate or help with.


2) follow this and send email to me

So it depends on YOU :cool:

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