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max 50 torrents problem


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though I've been using utorrent for a while now I'm afraid I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to technical stuff so please excuse any lack of detail, but I hope someone can help

As I said I've been running utorrent now for some time with absolutely no problems

However, today I changed the port it listened to (don't ask me why, I've no idea...doh!)

After I did this all my uploads/downloads stopped and the icons turned red

When I look at the details for them all, after the tracker name it says "Failure: Max 50 torrents (uploading and downloading) allowed to be active. Close one before starting a new."

I have tried closing several that I had uploading, but even before this I had well under 50 open - originally about 36, now 30.

In case it was something wrong with the settings I have uninstalled utorrent and reinstalled it - still the same problem

Ok....update....just to be more confusing I've had utorrent open in the back while I've been typing this (so I got the error message right) and everything has just started connecting again!!

As it seems to be working now there isn't a problem, but does anyone know what might have happened?

(in case it happens again.....)


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Your previous tracker session doesn't get closed if you change ports. When you reannounce using the same IP and/or passkey, the tracker assumes you are the same user, and adds to your connection count for the account. As soon as the old connections time out, the tracker will behave normally again.

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