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Any concerns with using a large diskio.coalesce_write_size?


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Overall, from the description of coalesce, it sounds like it would be a good thing to set diskio.coalesce_write_size as large as possible to reduce hammering the disk (less often writes) and improve write performance (larger sequential writes).

With a fast download speed (20-100Mbit) and large disk cache (256-512MB) is there anything harmful about setting diskio.coalesce_write_size quite large?

Is there a limit to what could be considered useful? Does it stop doing anything after a certain point?

Could you theoretically set diskio.coalesce_write_size as high as your system will allow without throwing errors or causing other issues and have nothing to worry about?

Also as a related question, does uTorrent need to be restarted for a new diskio.coalesce_write_size to take effect or is the change instant?

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Well, the less often you write data out to disk, the higher risk you run in potentially losing unwritten data to some kind of instability/crash.


Setting the coalesced write size too high will probably result in this error. In fact, even a size of 4MB is already causing errors for many users (which is why it had to be lowered to 2MB default), so I wouldn't expect you to be able to set it too high anyhow.

Other than those 2 points, I don't see any inherent problems with increasing the write size. Whether it overrides the 2 minute limit in the disk cache, I'm not sure. Whether a restart is needed, I'm not sure either, but by my guess, it would.

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