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DHT: Waiting to login


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Hi, I am new to torrents so be patient with me please.

I installed the utorrent, went through the connection setup guide and I believe i setup everything correctly:

speed guide

static IP

port forwarding in router

the firewall in router is set to allow P2P connection

all packet filters are set to allow outbound traffic

I changed the setting in Sunbelt as recommended in Faq

And still I do not have any connection, the light won't go green (Slackware), and DHT is waiting to log in (tried to uncheck that too).

0 Peers and 0 Seeds.

I use Billion BiPAC 7401 modem.

What else can I do?

Also when I do the port forwarding test in Speed Guide the connection times out. I had a look on forum for my ISP and it seems that other people use P2P without any problems.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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