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fyi - using scheduler backwards


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I ended up using the scheduler in an way contrary to it's terminology (full/limited/off)

The scheduler is a fixed rate that overrides the global setting. When I am at the computer (and since there is no idle feature) - I often use the right-click menu on the upload speed indicator to dynamically set the speed lower while using the computer.

Of course, at night, when not at the computer - I want my bandwidth usage at it's highest, and have no need for dynamic changes (since I'm not there)

So... my global speed is set to 20 kb/s and I change it to 30 kb/s when I walk away.

My nighttime hours are marked as 'Limited' in the scheduler, and set for 30 kb/s

Just thought I would point out the backwards but functional nature in this.

Technically just changing the term limited->alternate would negate this post.

Also an idle feature would be very useful.

This thing is great so far!

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