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no incoming connections


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I would be really glad if someone could help me, so I'm asking here.

My uTorrent works as it likes, it sometimes downloads, but only 3kB/s or lower.

It has sometimes green icon for a while, but it's still downloading 0-3kB/s.

I have wifi connection right to the PC.

I've got WF turned off all time, i turned off avast and ZoneAlarm too, it's still same.

I tried some other torrents, it's all the same.

At this time, i have three torrents in downloading, no incoming connections and it's downloading 0,7kB/s.

Can someone please help me? Thank You

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ZA uninstalled and it still doesn't work.

I have no router and i really don't know what modem is this, I didn't find anything about it, but it's just a small cube about 1x1cm......

i have a wifi connection, i apologize, but it's all i know..

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