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I just can't figure this out!


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Could someone please explain to me some of the phenomena that I am experiencing with the utorrent thing. I have a 2mbit connection. Somethings download around 207kBps or something really fast. I'm trying to download a show, the series actually, and when I first load the torrent, it cruises just over 200, then like it's running out of gas, goes right down to 20 or less!. The upload is as high as 50, normally about twice the download speed. If I download open office or something it's very fast. I don't get the port thing. I have a adsl/wi fi box by Zyxel. I've tried to configure that and the whole port forwarding thing. Some forums say anything of 40000. port 80 seems to be the only one that checks out to be open, by clicking the bar in the speed guide. I tried the 32459 "default" port, no different. Is it the router set up or something? Do I set the port forward beginning and end ports the same? Is it something from the network that doesn't want me to download. How do I know what port works on my computer? Where on my computer would it tell me. I'm in windows xp. I'm in freakin' Asia, I want a good tv show to watch! I would love some help on how to set this thing up. thanx, Danielle

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