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Is it too much for my Home Hub Router


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I have Home Hub running Vista on 1 computer, XP on the other, BT Vision + 2 hub phones & 2 laptops (wifi) and very happy with it all + 7mb Broadband (not very often), anyway Utorrent works a treat on my Vista machine, but alas have Utorrent on XP machine...................dead as a dodo, now my Vista puta plugged into HH, ethernet lead fron HH to 5 port ethernet switch, and from that to my BTVision & the WinXP machine, My HH is either 1.0 or 1.5., even when I turn off the Vista machine, I get no joy from my Utorrent downloads, in fact a product might have 500 seeders, but everything shows up as 0%, shall I pursue this (I hate a problem unsolved) or wait until my new HH ver 2.0 arrives sometime next week. As always your thoughts most appreciated.

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